Kroger Pay – Pay Grocery bills with Safe and easy Method

Kroger is a huge marketplace known for its grocery items all over the United States. It has approx 2,760+ departmental stores. Customers can pay their bills through the Kroger pay application at the ease of staying safe while shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic.

Pay Grocery bills, Pharmacy bills, Cosmetic and home items bills from the Kroger pay App by Kroger Co.

kroger pay cashless shopping
The Kroger Marketplace is one of the largest retail shops used by US citizens so their sales income is huge. Approx of $122.29 billion is measure as sales income for the Fiscal year 2019. It is also listed on number 17 in Fortune 500 companies. All this is due to their focus on customer’s needs fulfillment.
kroger pay app

What is Kroger Pay?

Kroger has recently introduced an amazing feature in its Kroger Pay App. Where the customer can pay any Kroger bills by a tap on their mobile phones. Customers can go Cashless anywhere and pay through their phones to give ease in nowadays.
Anyone can use the App by downloading it from the respective App Store. Android users can download it from the google app store while iPhone users can go for the App Store to search for it.
kroger pay app rewards
KrogerPay App is great for customers to go through shopping without waiting at long lines. This is the primary intention of Kroger Co. towards their customers. Hence, if you use Kroger pay App you can get rid of long waiting hours at cash points.
Kroger Pay prompt one time usable QR Code, that transmits and generates your payment information at your mobile. You just have to generate it and checkout through your App. Kroger payment App is always link to your one of Kroger Co. family stores account. It enables loyalty points, rewards points and many more benefits for you to avail while shopping.
Customer satisfaction survey from Kroger Feedback plays a major role in it. Where customers can give them reviews and suggestions to make improvements in stores. Anyone can take part in Kroger feedback and can win rewards from it as a gift gesture from Kroger.
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What are the Benefits of the Kroger Pay app?

  • You can pay bills within seconds. So you don’t have to worry about the long line at the billing counter.
  • During this COVID-19 Epidemic, Contact-Free Checkout is the most protective way of shopping. More info about Kroger COVID-19 Efforts.
  • It’s a safe and secure way to pay bills. 
  • Keeps a record of your grocery shopping for every month so you can keep a check on your finance.
  • Any critical payment information is not stored by the Kroger mobile payment app.
  • Customers can get rewards through billing from the Kroger app.

How to use Kroger Pay App?


  • Download Kroger Pay App from the App store or Google play store.
  • Open the Mobile App and Tap on Kroger Pay in the menu.
  • If you enables your GPS Location in your mobile, Tap on Kroger Pay in store mode.
  • A prompt will be appear on the screen.
  • Follow the prompt, and use four digit PIN code or any other preferred payment method.
  • Now checkout, Your Kroger App account is ready.

How safe is Kroger Mobile app?

Are you worried about its safety and reliability? Then, Don’t burden your mind with it. Kroger makes sure its customer’s safety by every means. Thus, the Kroger Pay app is very safe and easy to use for Grocery bills, Medical bills and anything else.
Kroger Pay services is offered in various stores locations of Kroger Co. stores. Some of them are listed here;
  • Atlanta (GA)
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus (OH)
  • Dallas
  • Houston (TX)
  • Jackson (MS)
  • Little Rock (AR)
  • Memphis
  • Nashville (TN)

For more details you can visit officials about it.

Kroger Payment Options

Kroger make sure to have ease for their customer. Thus, they provide different payment options in Kroger app. Customer can add below payment options such as;

  • Kroger rewards debit card (Kroger own Cards)
  • Any debit card
  • Any credit card
  • Prepaid cards

Kroger doesn’t accepts Kroger gift cards yet but they are working towards adding more features. They are working to add more payment options to make sure more ease for customers.


Kroger App is more secure than any online grocery store payment options. Also items you purchased are satisfactory and reliable. Plus point of using Kroger app is that you’ll get free rewards and coupon codes to use for discounts. So, lets start using it positively and save big amount on your grocery and medical items.

Stay safe and healthy!!

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